C25/1M, Ramkatora, Piplani Katra, Jaitpura, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh-221001

Terms and Conditions

Hotel SV Grand Terms & Condition

Rules And Policies

Child & Extra Bed Policy
An extra bed will not be provided to accommodate an additional child.
An extra bed will not be provided to accommodate an additional guest.

Guest Profile

Unmarried couples are not allowed.
Bachelors are not allowed.
Guests below 18 years of age are not allowed at the property.
Suitable for children
Stag entry is not allowed

Safety And Hygiene

Quarantine protocols are being followed as per local government authorities
Guests from containment zones are not allowed.
Shared resources in common areas are properly sanitized.
Property staff is trained on hygiene guidelines.
Guests with fever are not allowed.
Guests without Aarogya Set app are allowed.
Hand sanitizer is not provided in guest accommodation and common areas.
A Negative Covid-19 test report (RT-PCR/Rapid Antigen Test) is not mandatory for guests during check-in..

Payment Related

Credit/debit cards are accepted.
Food Arrangement.
The property does not serve or permit the consumption of non-veg food.
Outside food is not allowed in property premises.
Food and Drinks Hygiene.
COVID-19 guidelines for Food Hygiene is followed as per government guidelines.
Social distancing is followed in restaurants.
Serveware and supplies are sanitized before they are brought to the kitchen.
Masks and hairnets are mandatory for staff in restaurants.

Smoking/Alcohol Consumption Rules

Smoking within the premises is not allowed.
Alcohol consumption is not allowed within the property premises..

Property Accessibility

The property is Elderly-friendly/Disabled-friendly.
Bed height is accessible.
The entire unit is not accessible by wheelchair.
The property has a wide entryway.

Room Safety and Hygiene

All rooms are disinfected using bleach or other disinfectant.
Hand sanitizers are not available in the rooms.

ID Proof Related

Passport is accepted as ID proof(s).
PAN Card is not accepted as ID proof(s).
Local ids not allowed.

Other Rules

Does not allow private parties or events.